Terms & Condition

Studecademy is a cloud based software and service owned and maintained by Eprojectbox Lab LLP with its registered office at C/O Sri Itikana Sahu, Ballavpur, West Midnapore, Pin: 721101.

These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the Studecademy software. By using the Studecademy software, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as detailed in this document and accept them in full including all its amendments, revisions or changes that may be necessary from a technical or legal point of view.

Eprojectbox reserves the right to revise or change these conditions with no prior notice and is binding. The latest update of this agreement is available on the website www.studecademy.com. Therefore, all users are recommended to read this agreement carefully and search for updates. These documents are valid in compliance with the latest update.

  1. General Overview

Studecademy has been developed as a Learning Management System primarily to cater to the needs of educational institutions and tutors and keeping in view of the academic functionalities that an educational institution and tutor needs to perform to meet its business requirements. Further, there are functionalities available in the software which could cater to the needs of corporate organisations. There are different versions of Studecademy, catering to Schools, Colleges & Universities, Training Institutes and Tutors.

Studecademy is available to users by way of a cloud based software as a service. Studecademy is hosted in a popular Cloud provided by a third party cloud service provider. On agreeing to the terms and conditions in this document and on registering for Studecademy and payment of the agreed charges, the user will be entitled to use the software as per the guidance provided in the Studecademy software Help documentation.

  1. Definitions

Wherever found in the Terms and Conditions, the words You, Your, User, Client, Customer refers to the organisation or individual who has purchased the services of Studecademy software. The organisation will include and not be limited to Colleges, Universities, Schools, Coaching Institutes, Training Organisations, Corporates, Government departments, NGOs and Tutors.

The words We, Our, Studecademy, Eprojectbox refer to the company Eprojectbox Lab LLP and should be interpreted accordingly. The expression “User Information” refers to the personal details that can be collected by Us by Studecademy at the time of registration and during use of the software by the User.

The words software, software as a service, Studecademy refer to the Studecademy software which is hosted as software as a service.

The words Cloud, Cloud Services, Hosting Services, Hosting Provider refers to the third-party cloud service provider where the Studecademy software is hosted.

  1. Services Offered
    • Free Trial

The first step for using the Studecademy software is to complete the registration of the organisation. The registration can be done on the Studecademy website, www.studecademy.com. The complete functionality will be available free to you for a period of 15 (fifteen) days from the date of registration. During this time, you may setup the system as per the requirements and start to use it.

All the setups that you carry out on the system and the data that you enter will remain in the system on the completion of the free trial period. You may continue to use it once you activate the paid services.

  • Paid services

The user can avail of the paid services anytime after the registration is complete and the free trial has started. The user can also avail of the paid services after the expiry of the free trial period.

The complete functionality of the software will be available to the user and any additional functionality being added to the software will also become available to the user without payment of any additional price as the functionality and features of the software gets enhanced.

After registration, and completion of the Free Trial period, the user may decide to continue with the services by making the requisite payment. The payment will be made on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis as decided between the user and Eprojectbox. An invoice will be generated and sent to the user through mail at the beginning of each month which is payable within three days from receipt.

The payments for services will have to be made in advance and based on the number of users of the software.

The User may discontinue with the services at any time and after clearing of any pending payments.

  1. Content from User

The content uploaded on Studecademy will continue to be the properly of the user and user will be responsible for the content they upload and make available to others for their business activities. The user may not upload, display or transmit content on Studecademy which is not owned by the user or for which the user does not have the permission to upload.

Eprojectbox may review and delete or remove content that the user posts, without any notice in its complete discretion, for any reason whatsoever, including user content that in the sole judgement of Eprojectbox violates this agreement or that may be offensive, illegal, or which may violate the rights, harm or threaten user´s safety or safety of the others. The user is responsible for creating backup copies of the content being uploaded and Studecademy will not be held responsible for loss of content that may happen even though it will be Studecademy’s endeavour to protect content to the extent possible that the user uploads.

In case of discontinuance of service by the User, Eprojecbox will provide the User’s content residing in Studecademy to the User in Excel formats.

It will be the best endvour of Eprojectbox to protect user content from getting transmitted to any person not meant to receive the content or any users of the system that has not been authorised. In such a case, the user may bring the issue to the immediate notice of Eprojectbox, who will ensure that such incidents do not recur.

  1. Contract

The Purchase Order that the User places on Eprojectbox for the services of Studecademy is a binding contract between the User and Eprojectbox and includes the agreed terms of conditions as well as the quotation provided by Eprojectbox. It is taken as confirmed once the payment is completed.

The User can ask for revocation of the services at any time. No fee refund will be provided by Eprojectbox. The request for cancellation of services or their change needs to be in writing from the authorised executive of the user organisation.

The duration of the contract is one year, and the services will be discontinued on completion of the duration. The services can be renewed on placement of a fresh Purchase order and executing the documents of the contract.

  1. Payments

The amount to be paid for the services and terms and conditions of payment will be as agreed between the User and Eprojectbox and will be defined in the purchase order that will be issued to Eprojectbox by the user. Taxes and deductions will be mentioned as per government rules. The mode of payment will be either through cheque or wire transfer to the Eprojectbox bank account.

On receipt and credit of payment to the Eprojectbox bank account, the Studecademy services will be activated and support will be provided for use of the system.

  1. System Availability, Security and Support

The availability and security of the Studecademy software is governed by the terms and conditions of the third party cloud hosting service provider where the Studecademy software is hosted. We shall make the same available to our users.

The details of how to use the software will be provided in the User Manual of the Studecademy software, “Studecademy User Manual V1.pdf. The User Manual is available on the Studecademy website, www.studecademy.com. We shall provide the initial training and guidance to a group of users of the client organisation. In case of any issues and assistance, the user may contact us through the contact form available on the website and call us at the Helpdesk numbers mentioned on the website.

Our Helpdesk support over telephone shall be available Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

  1. Intellectual Property

Eprojectbox holds the copyright of the design, trademarks, material, components of the hosted Studecademy software and all user manuals/guides which shall be made available for the user to use. They shall remain under the ownership of Eprojectbox and the user is not entitled to use such protected content or material without the authorisation of Eprojectbox. The use of the Studecademy system is governed by the Terms and Conditions of this document and referenced documents. The User is not allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, and commercially use or benefit in any form from such materials or content, nor can the User assist at or enable activities listed above to a third party.

In case a User becomes aware of the fact that the Conditions are being violated in any way, the same needs to be notified to Eprojectbox immediately.

  1. Interruption/Termination of Services

Eprojectbox reserves the right to terminate or suspend providing the Studecademy services to our customers who violate the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Disclaimer

EPojectbox is not responsible for any damage to our users or any third party, damage to their hardware caused directly, indirectly, or accidentally as a result of the use of our products and/or services, or through material downloaded. We are not responsible for the damage caused to users or the third parties as a result of an inability to use our products and/or services and/or websites, nor for direct or indirect connection with such situation. Your use of the services is done solely at your own risk and upon your decision, and you, only you, are solely responsible for any harm caused to your personal computer or any device, or for any data loss caused by downloading any materials. You expressly agree and understand that your use of the services of Studecademy is done upon your full responsibility.

  1. Exclusion of Warranty

EProjectbox does not warrant that the services of Studecademy will:

  • Match all your requirements
  • The use of the services will not be interrupted, will be timely, secure or free from errors
  • There will not be any operational or functional defects in the software
  • Advice or information, no matter if oral or written, that you obtain from Studecademy will create any responsibility or obligation which is not expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions
  1. Limitation of Liability

Apart from the general arrangements in the Disclaimer stated above, Eprojectbox shall not have any liability to you for the cases stated in the paragraphs below.

12.1 General

Any direct, indirect, incidental, specific, consequential or exemplary damage that can be caused by your action, with no regard to their origin or to hypothesis of their origin. This includes, but is not limited to, any possible loss of profit (no matter if it occurred directly or indirectly), any loss of trust or business reputation, data loss, costs of obtaining substitutional goods or services or other intangible loss.

Any damage or loss that can be incurred to you, including, but not limited to those as a result of:

  • Any reliance on completeness, accuracy or existence of information of any kind that is displayed on the Studecademy service
  • Any allowed change made by Studecademy as a part of their service, or any permanent or temporary cancellation in providing particular services
  • Disruption, deletion or failure to store any content or other communication transferred or maintained through your use of the services
  • Loss of password or the loss of access to your account caused by you, or making the access of your account and password available to a third party

12.2 Information Provided on the Studecademy service portal

We are neither responsible, nor liable for:

  • Material created by users, especially, but not limited to those which are posted on blogs and/or forums. We also state that we do not endorse such materials and they do not need to express our opinions. We reserve the right to monitor these materials, answer, make comments, edit or refuse to post, delete any content fully upon our consideration. Such act of not doing so, does not mean that we agree with, constitute or endorse such contribution
  • Accuracy, reliability or timing of any information/statement on Studecademy service portal, we are neither responsible for announcements, advice and/or opinions published by users on blogs and forums (except to the extent demanded by law). In case you have any claim which arises from activities and/or statements of other users, you agree that you will enforce such claim against that particular user and not against Eprojectbox
  • Any loss/damage caused to you or a third party that can be taken as a result of the use or related to your use of the Studecademy service

12.3 Jurisdiction

Any legal disputes that may arise between Eprojectbox and the Users will be settled in the courts of law in Kolkata, India.